How our service works (Mobile app)

How our service works:

Choose between our 5 delicious options: Low-Carb, Vegetarian, Health, Sport and Balanced.
Choose between our 3 different package options: Weekly (5 Meals Package), Monthly (20 Meals Package) and 3 Monthly (60 Meals Package).
Choose whether you would like delivery or collection (at Nca’Kos Restaurant in the Neelsie Student Centre)
Each option have 25 different meals rotating daily, which means every day you have a different meal. Only on day 26 will you restart again.

We deliver from Monday to Friday: 12pm - 6pm

You will always start receiving your meals on the following Monday after you ordered, and will end the Friday on which your meals are completed.
For example: If you order a Monthly Package (20 meals) on a Saturday, you will start receiving your 1st meals that following Monday and your last meal on the Friday 4 weeks from that Monday (5 meals a week for 4 weeks= 20 meals). Also note, it does not matter what day of the month you place your order, you will always start receiving your meals on the first Monday following your order.